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Success Story: Shoemoney and $130k AdSense Check

Never get tired of this story, just wanted to post it here for future reference, we all have to start, if you want to succeed, you need to persist...

Jeremy has been a great friend over the years and he shares a lot of info in this post...


If you are one who sees the success and not the hard work, I always tell people to check out how it all started using Archive.org...

Here is a link to show you how Shoemoney's forum, NextPimp got started, yep just like EarnerHub, it had to start somehow... then it kept growing...


Get at it... Put in the work... Next time you feel like someone is an overnight success and has it all figured out... Take a look at Archive.org and see the years of work that were put in...

HTH ;)

Nextpimp.com Pimping out your Nextel I95 phone :: Pimp Your Nextel Phone

Pimp Your Nextel Phone

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