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Anyone have any luck buying sites on Flippa.com or elsewhere?

Last few sites I looked at were WAY overpriced or the owners have attachment issues, they think there sites are worth more than they are... Some of these guys don't have analytics or any monetization strategy and are totally believing that the value is in the their "CUSTOM" code, age of site or worse yet, trying to offload a bad overpriced site they bought to break even or even profit... Value is in what the market is will to pay...

Any alternatives? I guess this place is pretty new but if you are selling your site, I am interested... thanks...

xo - jana

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radweb - 1 point - 1 year ago
You'll probably have success if you approach the seller in regards to the website code, and provide your own domain. Very terrible domain names can raise the prices of the auctions significantly.
fishbate - 0 points - 10 months ago
I haven't tried Flippa.com but i heard that its a good site to look around for potential sites. But like you said some sites are over priced this is according to my friend. I think it all depends on the buyer, if he had a good strategy i think any site is worth it and maybe profitable.
Caguioa747 - 1 point - 4 months ago
I've seen quite a few sellers that often create weak or new sites just for the sake of selling them through flippa. They seem to attract newbies looking for a quick profit. And indeed, most sites fail eventually. I've done some research and found there's many sellers aiming for the Shopify-Overlo/Dropshipping business model.
treefitty - 1 point - 4 months ago
Agree, most of flippa is full of junk sites... sites that actually making money are selling at pretty high multiples... perhaps better to invest in growing your own sites, even if they are new... eventually they grow and pick up steam...
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