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posted by emma in Newbie Helpdesk

Anyone use EazyAzon or other Amazon Affiliate plugin for WordPress?

I want to get started with Amazon Affiliate program but I am not a coder.

Looking for recommendation of a WordPress plugin that is easy to use and can work with an existing blog...


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treefitty - 0 points - 1 year ago
Haven't used it myself, I just pull directly from amazon using php and cache data to later render my own pages...
Martinsx - 1 point - 7 months ago
Have you tried checking out Craigslist affiliate? I have heard that it's a good alternative to Amazon if you are finding it hard to make use of Amazon.
Youngshark - 1 point - 4 months ago
ooh there is a craiglist one. Definitely going there to check out what I can do for my upcoming website.
treefitty - 1 point - 3 months ago
Craiglist affiliate? Haven't hear of that, any links?
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