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posted by junrose123 in General Discussion and Lounge 1 year ago

Do you take a break from your online jobs?

I now that working online is very fun and convenient that is why sometimes we are spending a lot of time from it without even noticing that we are not giving some time for our mind and body to have some rest even in just a couple of hours or in a day as well. I think it is good to give our selves a break from our online works so that we will stay fresh and motivated to work hard since life would be tiring and stressful without a break or rests from them.

Do you have a break from your online jobs? What makes you think about it?

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Corzhens - 1 year ago
I agree that working online is convenient since I don't have to travel considering the horrendous traffic on the roads. With the fun, sometimes it is but most of the times it is exhausting. However, I admit that I am motivated by the earnings even if the amount is not really substantial. At least there is a purpose for my spare time instead of just watching tv programs that have no sense. What I really like in my freelancing work is the learning that I get particularly with the SEO methods.
Youngshark - 1 year ago
Too much convenience can be dangerous some times and just like you have said it is always important to have some rest periods. I always allocate my day and schedule working hours such that I have time for other things.
Martinsx - 11 months ago
Too much of everything is bad. There is no need for stressing it too much because it's something that we are all familiar with its side effects. Nothing good comes out being worn out from stress of the job.

When you are tired, it's very important to take a time off and recover. Humans aren't robots. We need the rest.
Martinsx - 1 year ago
Yes of course. It's not healthy to keep over working yourself and break down along the way. When the stress of the job is too much, it's very important to take a break and get some rest.

When I feel too much pressure from working online, it's either I take a walk, sleep, go swimming or listen to music.
davedaot04 - 11 months ago
Yes especially when I'm about to burn out. Taking breaks are essential in our professional life, getting extremely tired or too much work is something that I've tried and it's not really a great experience, I was so immature that time that I think hard work is the only thing that makes me successful but I was wrong, I was just getting miserable that time and I get overly stressed and that's not good so now I always make a conscious decision to take breaks in order to have a balance life.
Martinsx - 11 months ago
Exactly! If you don't take a foot off the gas with working always, it's definitely going to affect your health in a very bad or negative manner.

Rest is a good thing for one's health.
Caguioa747 - 11 months ago
Yes, I make it sure that i have at least 4 to 5 hours of rest a day from my online job because I don't want to get exhausted. you need to take a rest for a few hours because exhaustion can affect the quality of your work.
Martinsx - 11 months ago
Personally, sometimes I take a day off with work in order to afford myself a good deal of rest and it's very satisfying in a very big way for my general well being.
junrose123 - 11 months ago
Sometimes during holidays I do take a break with my offline and online jobs because I am spending sometime with my family as I feel that I have missed a lot of time that I am not with them. It is about time to forget the work and just enjoy myself for the stressful days that I have been doing in my office. It is good to unwind for sometime so that I can have a peaceful and a healthy mind.
Martinsx - 11 months ago
Seriously, when it comes to holidays or festive seasons, I don't give too much attention to working because I do need quality time off to enjoy my life with family and friends.
syeon - 11 months ago
I set a schedule for my online job. I do have things I need to finish that's why scheduling even freelance work is important. Taking breaks is always a priority since it will give you the time that you need to freshen up your mind and free yourself of work. I try to at least take a few breaks through out the day, but my break during the afternoon is something that I look forward to and it's like my mini reward for accomplishing so much in a short amount of time.

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