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posted by Esthrala in General Discussion and Lounge 1 year ago

Do you take online surveys to earn some extra?

I joined one online survey site and I have just redeemed my points for some income. I am still waiting for my PayPal to receive the payment and I am excited! Do any of you do the same thing?

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Martinsx - 1 year ago
I used to work on Prize Rebel which is one of the best paying survey site that most people work on.

But the major problem with Prize Rebel is that it doesn't have its services all over the world for everyone to take part in it.
treefitty - 1 year ago
Mostly U.S.?
Caguioa747 - 1 year ago
Yes, I have a lot of survey sites subscribed on right now and for me the Top survey sites are globaltestmarket and toluna. Also to name other sites that i am into are prizerebel, panel place, usertesting and Pointclub.
syeon - 1 year ago
I've joined a few survey sites but I still have yet to redeem any income. It's just too slow for me. Being outside of the US just makes earning from survey sites harder as I only get surveys once a week.
davedaot04 - 1 year ago
Yes, I took a ton of online survey sites and made a few bucks on it, it's a good way to earn some extra money by just participating on the things you have knowledge about and being truthful to your answers on there because you are getting paid.

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