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Google still dominating... more importantly, looks like images is still going strong...

Long read, but my quick takeaway was the huge part of online search from Google Image search... time to check alt and title tags!


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RhealaineS - 0 points - 9 months ago
I totally agree that Google is still dominating. It's the most commonly used search engine. Most people are not aware that there are other search engine aside from Google.
Martinsx - 1 point - 7 months ago
I actually didn't know about Google when I was still a teenager, I was more used to Ask.com but as I grew older, I came to the realization that Google is the best and ever since I have stick to using it.
Russ - 0 points - 9 months ago
Like most things the search engines don't just use file name and alt text now to rank pictures, they use all the surrounding text o the page to deduce context. There is a good article about this here: https://www.foregroundweb.com/image-seo/
Martinsx - 0 points - 9 months ago
Before it was yahoo but with the way Google jumped out and moved ahead of every other search engine optimization in the world is incredible. Nothing beats Google in this world especially when it has to do with any kind of online business, affiliate marketing, internet marketing, social media marketing, SEO, email marketing and etc. Google is still ranked number one in the world today.
fishbate - 0 points - 9 months ago
Yeah i agree, Google had huge improvements on their system and features. Also Google products integration turns out to be a good strategy keeping everybody in Google.
Martinsx - 0 points - 9 months ago
Exactly @fishbate, Google keeps improving on daily basis and especially with its upgrades on security systems. I still get every recent update on each security system update that Google improve on their systems. It's getting better and better as the day goes by.
jeffreyjose48 - 1 point - 7 months ago
Yes. This is very true. You nailed it right. There is nothing competing yet with google. If there is something else that would compare with, we will really know what is dominant. There is not just one in the market yet.

Its a monopoly. Google rules still on the internet. I like google. Its so easy to use. You can find almost anything you want to know and see.
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