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I did decide freelance writing was not for me though. I was getting $55 per article but the time I put in meant my hourly was poor and writing about finance does not excite me, although maybe I could have charged more once I built up rep!

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Trever - 0 points - 2 years ago
it's a process. Eventually, the busier you get the more you can charge. Your cheap clients drop off (or you outsource them) and you're generally left with a bunch that appreciate and value what you can bring to their business.
jyy - 0 points - 9 months ago
That seems to be a lot for an article. Exactly how big were they on average? I mean, at the cheapest, I think quality writers will charge $5 per 1000 words. Anyway, it all depends on exchange rate in your nation.
Martinsx - 1 point - 7 months ago
Exactly! The amount his is earning from his article writing is way off charts. It's definitely going to be one long article and probably for blogs because it's on such platforms that one gets to see such long articles published.
fishbate - 0 points - 9 months ago
I think its a progress, you just have to be consistent with your work and eventually its either your pay will go high or your time decreases as you progress.
jeffreyjose48 - 1 point - 7 months ago
That's right for you. But for me as a newbie that $55 per article your earning is already big here in the Philippines. Be thankful that you have that opportunity there in America. As for me, I have been trying to find out how I could earn extra money online.

Its really hard to find money. I am not quitting. I believe that as I try to seek it I believe I will find it also. That's the promise of God. For all who pray to Him just wait until His answer comes.
Martinsx - 1 point - 7 months ago
Are you being serious as a newbie in freelance writing and earning $55 from article writing? If this is true, then I wouldn't still call you a newbie in the business because you are earning far more than than any newbies I have seen in freelance writing. I didn't make that much when I was still new on the job.
Corzhens - 1 point - 3 months ago
Is that $55 a typographical error that is should be $5 only? I don't think there is a job that will pay you that much amount for an article even if it is about finance unless you are an expert in the field and you are a reputable financial consultant. No offense meant. I am just surprised by the figure that you quoted. Anyway I am also looking for a writing job but my forte is pets because I enjoy writing about animals. For those who are looking for an article writer of dogs or even cats then just send me an email.
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