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posted by jessica in SEO / SEM 1 year ago

Quickest way to get some traffic to my site?

I have been blogging for some time now, I used WordPress as it seems to be what everyone recommends. Although I write consistently I am not seeing any traffic at all. help?

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RhealaineS - 1 year ago
Based on what I've read, you can get a lot of help if you use the correct plugins. I suggest that you search for best WordPress plugins to get more traffic in your website.
Martinsx - 1 year ago
WordPress is one of the best softwares that I have ever used.

Most blogs that I know to be used in it are doing very well.

I'm looking to start my own blog using WordPress.
Martinsx - 1 year ago
Well, the social media is there for you to fully exploit and get the best organic traffic you need for your business. Facebook alone has over 2 billion users, so when you channel your business through the social media, you will definitely get good traffic.
stbrians - 1 year ago
I have been thinking and came out with two ways.

1. You purchase traffic. The only problem here is that sometimes you may end up purchasing bots. Even big renoened companies may sell you bots.

2. You get a good SEO for your website. You can purchase posts with goid SEO and sell them at a profit. You can hire a freelancer or freeancers to write for you high powered SEO posts. If you are good then you can write your oen SEO posts.

The ranking is not something that comes in a couple of days. You must labor for it.
Martinsx - 1 year ago
".... The ranking is not something that comes in a couple of days. You must labor for it.... "

I love how you just pointed out that you can never expect to get good ranking in a short period of time. It doesn't work like that. You have to be very patient and hardworking in order to get your site attain the ranking you need through getting good traffic without using black hat tricks.
jeffreyjose48 - 1 year ago
I believe one of the quickest way of getting traffic is through social media like Facebook. You join the group of your interest. Like for me, when I need to know more about bitcoins, I just joined groups about bitcoin. There you will find a lot of active users.
fishbate - 1 year ago
The simplest way i know is using social media. If you have a page try linking or integrating your blog sites or articles. The next thing to do is share it, a click or view of the link from friends will give you some opportunity on potential traffic. Although it may take sometime, but if you are consistent enough it will boost your traffic eventually.
Martinsx - 1 year ago
With the number of user of social media sites, take for instance Facebook alone that has over 2 billion users, I would say that it's a best option for seeking traffic for one's site. There are so many other social media sites but Facebook is the best to use in my opinion.
Corzhens - 1 year ago
Have you been promoting your blog to the people in your circle? Most likely you have a social media account and you have to be relentless in promoting your blog there so that your connections can help you with the traffic. You can also ask them to share your post so that their friends can read it. With SEO, my suggestion is for you to tag your blog with the keyword that is directly related to the blog and it can be multiple keywords so you can get more chances with the traffic from the search engines.
Martinsx - 1 year ago
Exactly. If you make use of social media sites to promote your blog or forum, you can be rest assured that you will get lots of traffic flooding to your site especially when you have a good niche.
jpk0007 - 1 year ago
Well, I think that that the most effective and the quickest way for boosting traffic for your blog will be promoting it on social media platforms. Social media marketing is one of the most popular ways of marketing any of your products and services these days. If you have an active presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other such popular Social Media Platforms, you can very effectively use your friends and followers to boost the traffic on your blog. Moreover, if you have registered yourself on any groups related to your blog then it will most probably give you very instant recurring traffic to your blog
Martinsx - 1 year ago
In your opinion, between Facebook and Twitter, which social media site do you think would generate more traffic to your site?

Have been considering using Instagram or LinkedIn for my site promotion job recently.

What do you think?
Youngshark - 1 year ago
You can also register on paid to post sites where you buy some points and forum posters rush to your site to make comments on various topics. It is widespread nowadays and no reason you cannot take advantage of this tactic.
Martinsx - 1 year ago
Share your site on any social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

There are so many people who can join your forum or blog and bring you traffic.

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