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What is education ?

just a simple question. willing to know more about it and your thoughts. It will enhance not only my knowledge but of the other viewers as well.

I define it as: Education is everything for student. It is something he gets to know about his whole life. Each day brings new knowledge with it and technical education. It helps a student to be aware of what is/was happening around and how could you develop yourselves.

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jeffreyjose48 - 1 point - 8 months ago
Education is a process of learning. A little child needs to have education as he or she grows up. There are public and private education.
fishbate - 1 point - 8 months ago
Education is not about books, schools and teachers.In my opinion its all about personal development using every means possible to enhance your ability and intelligence.
Gilgamesh - 1 point - 8 months ago
Education is a leaening program. You will learn a lot into it, you will understand the nature of life even better. You will learn to apply the lessons that you just read and watched into the books and movies. You will possess knowledge that soon will become wisdom that will help you to reach your goals.
HappyLady - 1 point - 6 months ago
I made my living as an educator for many years. I could teach a subject, but many of my students lacked education. Education is not just learning from a book, but it is the ability to apply and use all you have learned in a way that benefits you and/or others. You can have a person with a postgraduate degree who is so narrowly focused they know about their subject but lack an education.
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