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posted by elenaB

What kind of chair are you using?

I write code and work on marketing all day long...


Anyone using any specific setup or chair that helps with back pain?

Figure you all probably work long hours too, so appreciate any suggestions.


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treefitty - 1 point - 2 years ago
Thanks for posting... I write a lot of code myself, I use a standard chair from Staples, recently I have been thinking about getting one of those zero-gravity chairs... Also converted my spin bike by adding a desk attachment, get some cardio in while I write code or respond to emails... HTH...
treefitty - 0 points - 2 years ago
Here is the link to the desk mount for the bike, it's called FitDesk Pro... http://amzn.to/2lEqEhF
NesMarcos - 1 point - 1 year ago
This is indeed great! Thanks for sharing this. Actually, this really helps when someone wants to do multi-tasking when doing some cardio.
Martinsx - 1 point - 1 year ago
Wow, that's very interesting. As long as it's very helpful to one's seating position and helps you to have a good posture without feeling back ache, it's definitely worth the price. I would like to have such product as well.
Trever - 0 points - 2 years ago
depends a lot on your own personal preferences. Not everyone weighs the same, is the same height, has the same proportions, or preferences. I highly suggest you try a chair in-store if you can before deciding. What works for one person won't necessarily work for another
jeffreyjose48 - 1 point - 1 year ago
You need to have a massage chair. Here in the Philippines, inside the mall there are massage chairs that you can use with just a few pesos that you pay. If you really have a lot of money, you can buy one and be massaged at home.
NesMarcos - 1 point - 1 year ago
I would have to agree with you. I am also from the Philippines and I can see a lot of massage chairs in the malls. I tried it once and it is indeed relaxing. Though I wanted to stay sitting longer in the massage chair, there were a lot of people waiting in line.
Gilgamesh - 1 point - 1 year ago
There are a variety of chairs that can aid you in back pain. There are adjustable chairs with desk that you can modify the incline of the back supporter into your desired state where you will feel comfortable. Also there are massage chairs that will helps your body to relax while workung because it will vibrate in a minimal way allowing you to work and to relax. Those are my recommendations for you, I hope tgat I have helped.
jayjaydimson - 1 point - 1 year ago
I am using a standard chair, But I can refer you to use office chairs. Since you are busy with coding because it has a comfortable foam that can help your back to rest for the long hours of coding.
NesMarcos - 1 point - 1 year ago
I strongly agree with your suggestion, 'office chairs.' Office or swivel chairs are designed for longer hours of work while sitting. Some swivel chairs have the head board support where we can lay our heads when we are tired. Also, the softness of the foam can help us more relax while doing our job.
Martinsx - 1 point - 1 year ago
Normally, I make use of office chairs to seat down especially when I'm writing. This is basically because such chairs are so adaptable and comfortable for me to seat down for longer period of time without having back aches. Try changing the current chair which you are using and I'm sure you will feel better. Sorry to hear about your back pain.
stbrians - 1 point - 1 year ago
That happens to be the problem most of us experience. I use a sofaset and try to lean back most of the time
NesMarcos - 1 point - 1 year ago
I strongly agree with you. Back pain really hurts and it is pretty common for someone who works in a longer period of time while in a sitting position.
Corzhens - 1 point - 1 year ago
I also had that problem with back pains before and I remember that was when I got promoted to the supervisory level and had been issued the so called ergonomic chair. Maybe it did not fit me so I had it changed to another type of chair with the simple traditional design. Even at home I am just using the ordinary plastic chair that prevents me from slouching. It's pretty good for my back.
Youngshark - 1 point - 1 year ago
I operate from my couch. I know! I know! But to my defense I do not work for long hours and only operate with shifts after which I take breaks to do other activities.
jayjaydimson - 1 point - 1 year ago
I am currently using a monoblock chair, it is still comfortable, and I am just browsing on the internet so I didn't feel tired of using it.
jeffreyjose48 - 1 point - 1 year ago
There are so many chairs that can be relaxing. I am thinking of a water bed like chair. If there is a water bed that you can sleep on. Why not invent a chair that is similar to it? I hope somebody can do this kind of chair.

Here in the Philippines, we also have a rocking chair that is made of rattan. You can sleep on it. I feel good sitting on this chair. It makes you relax. It will surely refresh you.
Youngshark - 1 point - 1 year ago
I know of the waterbed my friend. However, for the Water chair, I think that you will have to wait a little bit longer before someone takes up the challenge. hahaha. but you also know what they say about innovations, if you feel the need then you can as well pursue it and make a business out of it.
Nixons - 1 point - 1 year ago
I bought an ordinary sub one hundred dollars office chair. Like you and many others, my back constantly hurts. I searched on Amazon for a new chair, or a device I could use with my existing chair. I remember a dart of pain shooting from my neck down to my lower spine, so I needed an immediate fix. I already had a trigger point roller made by a Texas company. You see athletes with them, they are usually colored orange. Anyway, with a scarf, I tied it horizontally to the back of my chair. A temporary fix, I thought. Well, in order to sit on the chair, you must bring the roller up to just below the midpoint in your back. This forces you to sit up straight. Your spine is now aligned. Combine that with a computer monitor at the right height(my chin is in alignment with the lowest part of the screen) and my back pain vanished.
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