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what should i learn first?

What jobs are in demand and what should i learn first?( PHP)?i m a creative guy, front end would be cool (HTML?) but im not picky. I want the language that I can get a job once I pick it up and then I will continue to learn. PERIOD.

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Trever - 0 points - 2 years ago
would be to get a degree in CS.. you're putting yourself at a huge disadvantage otherwise (in terms of pay, where you can work, future salary, promotions, job stability, etc)
Keng - 0 points - 2 years ago
learn to code such as teaching yourself for free e.g. freecodecamp or codecademy or joining a coding bootcamp which is much less expensive and you learn much more than getting a degree
kelly - 0 points - 2 years ago
thanks for both suggestion
treefitty - 0 points - 1 year ago
start simple, learn php, look through projects on github and wordpress plugins to figure out how to code what you want to do...
Martinsx - 1 point - 7 months ago
Everything depends on how fast you can learn. There are people who can learn both at once and still do well on grasping both knowledge. But there are slow learners as well, so depending on the one you are, you can decide on which one to learn first.
fishbate - 1 point - 7 months ago
First of all you should consider the language you want versus what job or business you want. For example, if you want a programming language that supports machine to human interfacing you can try C or python. I you want something web based you can try Java or HTML.
jayjaydimson - 1 point - 7 months ago
If you are creative, you can try it both, There are a lot of tutorials online like w3schools, you can rely on that site and I swear you can learn from it.
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