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Where can I find writers for my new blog?


I am looking for recommendations on where I can find writers for a new blog... I have tried looking at upwork.com but not sure if I will get the quality I am looking for...

Any suggestions?

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clairmatin - 0 points - 9 months ago
You can try MeritCrowd, Content Gather or Contentmart. These are websites that hire freelancers to write, and in all three websites, freelancers have to pass some tests to prove they're good writers.
EfficientNinja - 0 points - 9 months ago
Agreed. You should go for content mills like Content Gather, etc. if you want to post more blog content. But if you want to find writers, you could check out WordClerks, SEOClerks, UpWork, and other freelancer platforms. I think you'll find the quality you're looking for but it may come with a higher price.
Martinsx - 1 point - 7 months ago
This comment have just summarized every option I would have suggested for you. So, choose from anyone of the variables and I'm sure you will get the best service.
jeffreyjose48 - 1 point - 7 months ago
Just keep on searching. I believe you will really find writers for your new blog. Just be patient. I also heard of up work. Have you found the writer there?
Gilgamesh - 1 point - 7 months ago
Find some sites that can redirect their freelancers into your site. You can also promote your site and at the same time finding freelancers. I suggest that try finding freelancers in other forums that is willing to write content into your blogs.
Caguioa747 - 1 point - 3 months ago
You can try to look at Fiverr. there are a lot of paid to write on Fiverr and many more sites. Fiverr is my #1 choice whenever i need a help with something.
Corzhens - 1 point - 3 months ago
My suggestion is to hire a freelancer who can show you his part works so you can discern the quality if his style would fit your standards. You can post on forums and social media. It is the cheapest way to get contents from good writers instead of buying ready-made articles.
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