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WordPress Funnel Plugin Recommendation?

Anyone know of a WordPress plugin that can do the following:

Select pages to create a sales funnel
Work with existing theme
Add tracking to report back to services/analytics

After investing money into so many plugins and themes, looking to avoid buying another external service like ClickFunnels...

Also, I checked out OptimizePress, but I think I have to use it with their theme...

Anyone know if that is true?

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treefitty - 0 points - 1 year ago
I believe that OptimizePress has a separate plugin that you can use with any theme, it's been a while, I used the 1.x version, never upgraded to the 2.x version... HTH
treefitty - 0 points - 1 year ago
just to follow up on this thread, looks like the plugin for Optimize Press can be used with any theme, BUT, the part of the plugin that keeps people from accessing the next page in the funnel is restricted to a custom post type by OptimizePress. Meaning, you can't use it on a regular page, it must be a page created with OptimizePress. Which leads me to believe there is a market or opportunity for someone to write a launch sequencing plugin that can be used on any page type... HTH
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