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what should i learn first?
What jobs are in demand and what should i learn first?( PHP)?i m a creative guy, front end would be cool (HTML?) but im not picky. I want the language that I can get a job once I pick it up and then I will continue to learn. PERIOD.
kelly - x
would like to know what is "Interviewing" on UpWork. I mean I dont know if i can apply to a job when i see " Interviewing: 3 " for a example.
kelly - x
per article
I did decide freelance writing was not for me though. I was getting $55 per article but the time I put in meant my hourly was poor and writing about finance does not excite me, although maybe I could have charged more once I built up rep!
kelly - x
Need Some Good Suggestion
I am a little worried about not being able to get people to hire me because even though I've been writing for 15+ years professionally, most of my work has been published internally and I didn't keep any clippings and there's not way to access them online. I do have a few articles published on LinkedIn, but don't have a real portfolio. I know that if I can get those first few, I'll knock their socks off, but it's getting those first few. Any suggestions?

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