How many people (on average) do you need to have on your list to generate income?
I'm setting up a funnel for online productivity coaching courses and wondering how many people (like a goal) I need to have on my list in order to start generating some real income.
I am getting frustrated with my click through rate. What am I doing wrong?
I am doing FB live videos every Wednesday consistently for several months and average 300 views... I recently started marketing a free 7 day course and have only had 20 click through and sign up. Any suggestions?
What is the difference between a modal, inline and slide in form?
Is there a way to use ConvertKit to put a pop up box on my landing page?
I am working on integrating ConvertKit and in order to put a form on my website it says to do this:
Embed using WordPress

Download and install the ConvertKit WordPress plugin to easily embed your forms in your WordPress site.

Embed your form directly into a page or post using the following shortcode:

[convertkit form=4980192]

How do I do that?
Done is better than perfect! ~Beth Gilmore
What is a curated newsletter? Is this something I should be doing?

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