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GeneratePress vs. Astra

anyone have any insights on generatepress versus astra? I am making amazon affiliate sites and looking for a solid theme to use for all my sites instead of different themes for each. I dont mind spending a little $$$ on premium

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Blocking Bots/Spiders on Forum

Own several forums, one of which is hit with bots/crawlers all day everyday... What is the best way to block these guys? I got 121 crawlers right now hitting my site... I hate to think how much this slows my site down or how much bandwidth they are sucking down every month...

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Amazon Affiliate website question...

I'm about to start my Amazon affiliate website and my question is how do I find a good niche on Amazon and what qualifies a good niche? I think I've read something a long time ago which said that the products in the niche should cost at least x amount of $. Any tips on finding a good niche?

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Newcomer here

Greetings from Alexandoy. I hope to contribute my knowledge about the topics in this website and I also wish to learn.

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How can i apply SEO for my Personal Website.

I want to spread my website. Very Explanded and coverable world.
I want to convert success into miracle with my single portal.

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Whats the deal with Ads.txt?

Am I supposed to do this? I got a note from AdSense that I had to add a new file called ads.txt with my publisher id in it. Is anyone else doing this? Do I have to do this for every service I use?

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Thoughts on California passing AB5 bill on Gig Economy?

California is it's own thing and it continues to prove how extreme it can be. AB5 bill, geared towards companies like UBER and Lyft is taking a broad swipe approach and causing collateral damage to the copywriting community.

In short, and correct me if I am wrong, this bill is aimed at protecting contractors who are affected by the over compe...

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Content Writers for hire?

Anyone out there write blog or articles? Looking to hire writers for affiliate content...

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What are the online marketing services to avail?

My business has been operating for years already. But this past years we're not hitting the sales anymore by just doing the same strategies. I've read a post here - http://www.seokansascity.agency/seo-services/servi... and realize that online marketing is the in thing now. My question is, what are the online marketing ...

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Good day to all of you!
I'm Syeon and I've been a freelancer for more than a year now.
I'm looking forward to meeting and making new friends and also learning a lot from everyone here.

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