Affiliate Marketing
Income generating sales for products and services.

GeneratePress vs. Astra

anyone have any insights on generatepress versus astra? I am making amazon affiliate sites and looking for a solid theme to use for all my sites instead of different themes for each. I dont mind spending a little $$$ on premium

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Amazon Affiliate website question...

I'm about to start my Amazon affiliate website and my question is how do I find a good niche on Amazon and what qualifies a good niche? I think I've read something a long time ago which said that the products in the niche should cost at least x amount of $. Any tips on finding a good niche?

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Do I need a website when I do affiliate marketing?

I am trying to learn affiliate marketing for purposes of earning money. Drop shipping is what I know although I haven't tried it yet. Now I am thinking if affiliate marketing is similar to drop shipping. Do I need a website to be in the affiliate marketing business?

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Income generating sales for products and services.

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