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Thoughts on California passing AB5 bill on Gig Economy?

California is it's own thing and it continues to prove how extreme it can be. AB5 bill, geared towards companies like UBER and Lyft is taking a broad swipe approach and causing collateral damage to the copywriting community.

In short, and correct me if I am wrong, this bill is aimed at protecting contractors who are affected by the over compe...

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Do you take online surveys to earn some extra?

I joined one online survey site and I have just redeemed my points for some income. I am still waiting for my PayPal to receive the payment and I am excited! Do any of you do the same thing?

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Have Post Offices Been Swallowed By The Internet?

We used to post snail mail over the post office. I wonder if these post offices are still available. The internet has swallowed many ventures. I think the post office is one of them.

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Do you take a break from your online jobs?

I now that working online is very fun and convenient that is why sometimes we are spending a lot of time from it without even noticing that we are not giving some time for our mind and body to have some rest even in just a couple of hours or in a day as well. I think it is good to give our selves a break from our online works so that we will stay f...

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Do you work late at night for online jobs?

I know for sure that some of us are working late at night for our online jobs since sometimes we are having some offline job at day time and the only time that is available is by continue working late at night. I know that some would not be comfortable in this kind of schedule but then for me I feel convenient since it is peaceful and very calm whi...

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Best earbuds or headphones for working?

Find I work best when listening to music but need better headphones or earbuds...

I am sure if you have used earbuds you notice there is a lot of low end and mid sound ranges that are missing, then there is that inner ear pain from wearing them too long...

Tried over ear and on ear to get better sound, most have been kind of bulky or poor battery...

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Any good paying MLM (Multi Level Marketing) business

There seems to be a lot of MLM (Multi Level Marketing) business opportunities available in the world today, but most of these MLM seems not to pay what it promised to those that invested in it. I would like to know if there is any good MLM programs that pays well.

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Online or Offline jobs : Which do you prefer?

I can remember vividly when we were still in the university, we had this vision of graduating and getting a good job in reputable company or firm. But on getting into the labor market, things don't seem to go as planned. So, people now pursue online jobs now, although there are still offers for offline jobs. Which one do you prefer? Working on...

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Who will win the Russia 2018 world cup

France have already qualified for the Russia 2018 world cup Final and it's remaining England and Croatia to play their semi final match in order to determine who would win the world cup Final. I'm going with England to win the world cup should they beat Croatia in the semi final.

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DeMarcus Cousins on GSW

What are your thoughts on this move? GSW considered as the 2019 champions? I think this would be the greatest line-up in the NBA history.

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Tony Parker leaving the Spurs

Anyone here who became sad knowing that Tony Parker will no longer be in a Spurs jersey? It is indeed the end of the Spurs era. I just hope that Popovich will stay in the Spurs until he retires. Do you think Spurs will be a playoff team this next season?

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LeBron on Lakers

I think this move will end the LeBron James era. His move from East to West is a little bit confusing for me. Although, he said that this decision is because of his family. I am a bit sad seeing the king of the East leave his conference. I just feel that without LeBron on the finals is a bit unusual in the last 8 years.

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Man Spent $100K To Remove A Lie From Google

Two thoughts on this... First Google states that in the US it does not have to remove search results... Second, there is money to be made in reputation management...

The Man Who Spent $100K To Remove A Lie From Google : All Tech Considered : NPR

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