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California is it's own thing and it continues to prove how extreme it can be. AB5 bill, geared towards companies like UBER and Lyft is taking a broad swipe approach and causing collateral damage to the copywriting community.

In short, and correct me if I am wrong, this bill is aimed at protecting contractors who are affected by the over competitive markets found in the "GIG" economy, mostly with an eye toward UBER and Lyft. Seems the streaming piles of cash generated by driving people from point A to point B is running dry. It's an extremely low barrier of entry, you have a car, a phone and sticker, you are in business. I have read some people have gone as far as leasing or buying luxury cars "with loans" just so they could charge more per fare. What happens when you begin to get undercut? What happens when consumers, who choose with their money, decide they do not need to pay more just to ride in a brand new escalade and are fine going to the airport in a prius? Isn't this capitalism? First to market takes the biggest risk and reaps the greatest reward? Those who are late must fight to differentiate and survive or find something else to do?

But what about contractors, like copywriters? Copywriters have been in business for a LONG time, independently writing for several publications, seemingly undisturbed by the bloggers, tweeters and massive demand for $5 article writers, at least the good one are not. With AB5, all writers would be capped to writing 35 articles per employer per year:

Services provided by a freelance writer, editor, or newspaper cartoonist who does not provide content submissions to the putative employer more than 35 times per year. Items of content produced on a recurring basis related to a general topic shall be considered separate submissions for purposes of calculating the 35 times per year. For purposes of this clause, a “submission” is one or more items or forms of content by a freelance journalist that: (I) pertains to a specific event or topic; (II) is provided for in a contract that defines the scope of the work; (III) is accepted by the publication or company and published or posted for sale.

What are your thoughts on California AB5?

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