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Have a forum using a Invision Boards software, I know, long story...

Anyhow, I am having trouble finding a way or plugin that would enable me to NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW any of the blogs...

I would hate to just kill the blog section as there are many users keeping posts on topic, it's always the few that mess everything up...

Any links to plugins that have advanced SEO or Meta Tag modification?

At the very least, anyone know what template I need to modify to NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW the entire blog area? Again, I would hate to do this, but if I have no other choice...


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treefitty - 3 years ago
Here is what I did, first I went to the admin area under themes->YOUR_THEME->Edit->Core->Front->Global->globalTemplate then I clicked on variables and added my new variable that I will use to check for the blog application, I called it $seo_url_check, then just above the closing head tag I entered the following code, {{ $seo_url_check = \IPS\Request::i()->url()->hiddenQueryString['app'];}}{{if($seo_url_check=='blog')}} {{endif}}
treefitty - 3 years ago
Hope that helps, let me know if you have any questions, since this is in the global template, I can now add specific meta tags, scripts, etc... based on the application being called, you can also get more granular and use the data portion of the url to check for parameters, but for now, I think this will do what you asked...

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