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posted by ilinca in Newbie Helpdesk 8 months ago

Whats the deal with Ads.txt?

Am I supposed to do this? I got a note from AdSense that I had to add a new file called ads.txt with my publisher id in it. Is anyone else doing this? Do I have to do this for every service I use?

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posted by pico in Newbie Helpdesk 1 year ago

What is Web 2.0 link building?

I am getting started and reading about building links to my sites using "Web 2.0" links, what is that?

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posted by Esthrala in Newbie Helpdesk 1 year ago

Any tips on freelancing?

So I am a newbie at freelancing. I have just earned a tiny bit of income from it by doing some online surveys. It's not much but it's fun and easy. I would like to find more online income opportunities so I would like to ask for your suggestions and tips. Thanks!

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posted by Pedro in Newbie Helpdesk 1 year ago

Anyone recommend a CPM Keyword Tool?

Need to do some research to compare niche areas to build out, does anyone have a favorite tool to do CPM research for keywords?

Already using Google Trends to get search volume data, would be nice to be able to put a dollar value on the that search traffic.

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posted by clairmatin in Newbie Helpdesk 1 year ago

How do you make money online?

I would like to know how you guys make money online. what do you do and what websites do you work on? For me, I am a freelance writer and I work on a website called MeritCrowd.
What about you guys?

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posted by RhealaineS in Newbie Helpdesk 1 year ago

Legit online job

I'm looking for other online jobs wherein I can earn while working part time. I'm currently looking for a part time job to finance my graduate studies.

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posted by scottb in Newbie Helpdesk 2 years ago

RevenueHits vs Chitika vs AdSense

Google Adsense is not paying very much so looking at RevenueHits and Chitika...

Noticed Chitika has more higher end advertisers, RevenueHits doesn't seem to have the same variety of ads or maybe I have to wait longer...

Also tried AdThrive but they require 100k pageviews, I guess I need to increase my pageviews before I can use them...

Thinking Chitika is the way to go unless you guys have any other suggestions...

Currently doing about 20k+ pageviews a month... Looking to make dollars, not pennies...

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posted by davidbrown in Newbie Helpdesk 2 years ago

How to Earn Money Online With Affiliate Marketing?

What is the best way to start making money online with affiliate marketing?

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posted by treefitty in Newbie Helpdesk 2 years ago

Success Story: Getting started selling on Amazon with no inventory

Not sure how to get started selling on Amazon?

This is a great story about a guy who found items on clearance at Target and WalMart, then posted those items on sale on Amazon...

His company is now making millions!

No need to deal with importing or distributers, just good old fashion bargain hunting... Sam Walton would be proud!

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posted by emma in Newbie Helpdesk 2 years ago

Anyone use EazyAzon or other Amazon Affiliate plugin for WordPress?

I want to get started with Amazon Affiliate program but I am not a coder.

Looking for recommendation of a WordPress plugin that is easy to use and can work with an existing blog...


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