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posted by scottb in Newbie Helpdesk 2 years ago

RevenueHits vs Chitika vs AdSense

Google Adsense is not paying very much so looking at RevenueHits and Chitika...

Noticed Chitika has more higher end advertisers, RevenueHits doesn't seem to have the same variety of ads or maybe I have to wait longer...

Also tried AdThrive but they require 100k pageviews, I guess I need to increase my pageviews before I can use them...

Thinking Chitika is the way to go unless you guys have any other suggestions...

Currently doing about 20k+ pageviews a month... Looking to make dollars, not pennies...

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treefitty - 2 years ago
Haven't tried AdThrive, but I find that Chitika CPM was about the same as AdSense for me... So stuck with AdSense... will try AdThrive here on EarnerHub once it hits 100k+ pageviews...

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