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Blocking Bots/Spiders on Forum

Own several forums, one of which is hit with bots/crawlers all day everyday... What is the best way to block these guys? I got 121 crawlers right now hitting my site... I hate to think how much this slows my site down or how much bandwidth they are sucking down every month...

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Restore or Scrape site from

Anyone have a link or write up on how to restore a site from

Searched a bit and found some code, but they are buggy...

Maybe some kind of service or do I just need to hire someone off of upwork?


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How to NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW Blogs on IP Boards?

Have a forum using a Invision Boards software, I know, long story...

Anyhow, I am having trouble finding a way or plugin that would enable me to NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW any of the blogs...

I would hate to just kill the blog section as there are many users keeping posts on topic, it's always the few that mess everything up...

Any links to plugins...

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Reviews or Coupons for WebinarIgnition WordPress Plugin?

Looking for a WordPress plugin that does evergreen webinars and ran across several including WebinarIgnition...

Has anyone here used it? Any REAL reviews? Seems like everything in google serps is an affiliate link and fake reviews...

Anyone have any coupons?

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React goes open source!

Wow, looks like facebook finally changed it's mind and going MIT with React instead of the BSD / Patent licensing that limited developers...

"Although we still believe our BSD + Patents license provides some benefits to users of our projects, we acknowledge that we failed to decisively convince this community."


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what should i learn first?

What jobs are in demand and what should i learn first?( PHP)?i m a creative guy, front end would be cool (HTML?) but im not picky. I want the language that I can get a job once I pick it up and then I will continue to learn. PERIOD.

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