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Facebook post is a no-follow link

I have read in another forum that the links you post in Facebook are no-follow links. Does it mean that your backlink will not have a benefit from the search engines and therefore will not serve as a backlink?

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Facebook Group vs Facebook Page

The two major platforms in the Facebook social media network that enables reaching a great number of people is the use of Facebook group and Facebook page. Between Facebook group and Facebook page, which one is more effective for social media marketing?

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Targeting in Facebook marketing

It's not a hidden truth that the social media is one of the best ground to market one's business products and services because of the countless numbers of prospective customers or clients that are readily available to be grasped. But one problem that faces any online business marketer is how to target the right audience in order to get th...

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Non-true name profiles

Profiles have a whole lot of advantages over pages or groups. But you don't necessarily want to combine private and business on one profile. However I hesitate to invest too much on a fake name profile because at any point Facebook could decide it is "fake" and shut it down. I have a profile that I have been using for business fo...

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How to earn in Youtube?

I wonder how Youtubers earn from Youtube. They say that Google adsense is paying them. How can they get monetized? After they reached 4000 watched hours and 1000 subscribers, what do they need to do in order to get monetized?

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Anyone using Facebook chat bots to generate leads?

Got an email to day from JVZoo for a product called SociBot, not sure if it's any good, but made me think of a few ways I can apply this...

Anyone using Facebook chat bots to generate quality email leads?

Anyone use SociBot?


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Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and social sources.

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