I am trying to learn affiliate marketing for purposes of earning money. Drop shipping is what I know although I haven't tried it yet. Now I am thinking if affiliate marketing is similar to drop shipping. Do I need a website to be in the affiliate marketing business?

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I am learning SEO and I have read in some forums that SEO methods are for getting traffic to your site. However, you cannot determine when the SEO work will take effect on your site. It can be a week or a month or even longer. What can an SEO specialist say to this issue of the time for the SEO work to take effect?

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I have read in another forum that the links you post in Facebook are no-follow links. Does it mean that your backlink will not have a benefit from the search engines and therefore will not serve as a backlink?

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This is my first post in this forum and I am excited because I have many questions to ask and at the same time I also have things to share. I hope I am welcome in this forum.

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