Any good paying MLM (Multi Level Marketing) business

There seems to be a lot of MLM (Multi Level Marketing) business opportunities available in the world today, but most of these MLM seems not to pay what it promised to those that invested in it. I would like to know if there is any good MLM programs that pays well.

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Online or Offline jobs : Which do you prefer?

I can remember vividly when we were still in the university, we had this vision of graduating and getting a good job in reputable company or firm. But on getting into the labor market, things don't seem to go as planned. So, people now pursue online jobs now, although there are still offers for offline jobs. Which one do you prefer? Working on...

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Who will win the Russia 2018 world cup

France have already qualified for the Russia 2018 world cup Final and it's remaining England and Croatia to play their semi final match in order to determine who would win the world cup Final. I'm going with England to win the world cup should they beat Croatia in the semi final.

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Facebook Group vs Facebook Page

The two major platforms in the Facebook social media network that enables reaching a great number of people is the use of Facebook group and Facebook page. Between Facebook group and Facebook page, which one is more effective for social media marketing?

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Targeting in Facebook marketing

It's not a hidden truth that the social media is one of the best ground to market one's business products and services because of the countless numbers of prospective customers or clients that are readily available to be grasped. But one problem that faces any online business marketer is how to target the right audience in order to get th...

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New Member Alert

Good day Administrator and Everyone.

I'm Martins and it's such a wonderful feeling that I found myself being in this community. For a while now, it's seems that online making opportunities is a trending phenomenal going on in our world today and I'm looking forward to learning more from being a member in the community.

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